Web site gets you plugged into the Lowcountry's BBQ

Image by 20081219-lowcountry-bbq.jpg

New to the area and new to BBQ, Chrys Rynearson started tracking recommendations from folks on Twitter about great local spots for Bar-B-Que on his own Google Map.

Read more stories on this subject in our BBQ topic page, and get lots of background on the state's BBQ in this article from the Charleston City Paper. His next step was to do what any level-headed Web geek would do: A weekend project to create a mini-Web site that mashes up a map of great BBQ spots with photos from Flickr, and some necessary links to Twitter feeds and a Facebook group.

Check it out at LowcountryBBQ.org.

Ah, pulled pork goes down so much better with a side of technology.

Your favorite spot not there? Join the Facebook group or Flickr group, and let him know about what he's missing out on. -- Like any good weekend project, Rynearson's Web site has already spilled over to at least one more weekend.