Only the lucky few to go to Google's grand opening

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Some bad news if you were hoping to go to Google's October 7 grand opening for its $600 million Berkeley data center: They're only choosing 50 people attend.

[gmap markers=blue::33.07597189505226,-80.03561496734619 |zoom=10 |center=33.050112271849656,-80.06423950195312 |width=220px |height=200px |control=Small |type=Map]

Those names will be chosen from a lottery and you have to live in Berkeley County to register.

Register on their Web site.

Thanks to The Post and Courier for tipping us off.

Update September 26: We've just gotten the OK to attend, so we'll be bringing you video of the opening, if you aren't lucky enough to make it.

And, I should clarify: Google's only picking 50 names, but those 50 get to bring one guest each. So, they're allowing 100 to come.

Update October 8: We went and checked out the slightly less than exciting event.