A parade and Rev. Jesse Jacks rally in Charleston for MLK Jr. Day (Update: Coverage)

Image by Amanda Click/TheDigitel From the 2010 parade in Charleston.

Update January 17: Coverage abounds of the parade and Rev. Jesse Jackson's 'peace and equality' rally.

For parade coverage, The Post and Courier offers a nice write-up and photo gallery, for a video I'll point you to Live 5 News.

For coverage of Jackson's rally, The Post and Courier again offers a write-up and photo gallery, and for a video report I'll point you to ABC News 4's report (it's in the right sidebar).

First reporting: Martin Luther King, Jr. day is being observed on Monday, January 16, with the most visible being the annual downtown Charleston parade.

The annual parade is at 11 a.m. starting at Burke High School off Fishburne Street and winding downAshley Avenue,  to Sumter Street and down King Street and exiting on Calhoun Street towards the aquarium.

However many other events and ceremonies abound throughout the weekend and on Monday (including a rally by Rev. Jesse Jackson), for a round-up I'll point you to The Post and Courier.