Interim ACLU director answers questions

The interim director of Charleston's American Civil Liberties Union office answered some questions about their plans. The group opened its first South Carolina office at 12 Exchage St. downtown, on Wednesday.

Graham Boyd talked about the group's stance on religion, the REAL ID cards, and others. Perhaps most interesting was his answer on how the ACLU will be relevant to local's lives, from The Post and Courier:
Q: How can the ACLU be relevant in Charlestonians lives?

A: Privacy concerns are at the center of the ACLU's mission. We want to make sure people's medical information stays private in a time when insurance companies are looking to cut off people's coverage for any kind of medical risk.

We want to keep people's financial information private in a time when identity (theft) and fraud has created so much pain and suffering.

We want to make sure people's intimate personal information stays private in a time when the Internet threatens to make our most personal details subject to the entire world's examination.

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