North Charleston protests proposed rail route (updated)

Update May 21: Despite a successful veto, new rail-promoting legislation is back on the table. Read about it.

Update May 20: The Post and Courier went to the rally where some 300 turned out and shares a write-up. Go take a read.

NBC News 2 has some video from the meeting. Also, here's Mayor Keith Summey's presentation slides from the night.

Update May 19: Sanford has vetoed a portion of the budget bill that would facilitate the rail lines. Learn more.


First reporting:

Residents of North Charleston are fed up with the state trying to push more rail through their waterfront and will hold a rally at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 19, at the Felix C. Davis Community Center (that's Park Circle).

We've been blathering about this issue for a while, so you can learn plenty about it in our North Charleston rail topic page. -- But, today, The Charleston City Paper put together a nice piece and MyParkCircle has a piece that speaks from the local angle.