Historic Charleston Foundation forum to discuss Union Pier plans (update: forum contents)

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Update May 10: Last night's forum urged audience members not to focus on who wins or loses the debate, and instead to focus on making the outcome as beneficial as possible for Charleston.

The forum was sponsored by the Historic Charleston Foundation and brought together a variety of authorities including State Ports Authority President Jim Newsone, Mayor Joe Riley, and other experts.

Both the pros and cons of bringing the cruise ship industry to Charleston were discussed. Some residents and preservationists want caps on the size and number of cruise ships coming to the area, as they fear that the cruise ships will overrun the city (as has been done in Key West, Fla.). But another group of protestors held signs that read "Jobs Not Snobs," obviously commenting on how cruise ships would help to open up employment opportunities in Charleston.

At this time, the Ports Authoirty has agreed to voluntary limits of a maximum of 104 ships per year and no more than one ship at a time.

The Post and Courier has a great, in-depth report about the forum as well as both sides of the debate; read it here.

First reporting: The Historic Charleston Foundation will hold another forum on May 9th to discuss the Union Pier redevelopment plan.

The upcoming forum is designed to address the grievances and concerns of locals who feel that the city should move the cruise terminal farther north from the proposed Union Pier location to the Columbus Street Terminal. As of late, both the Historic Ansonborough Neighborhood Association and the Charlestowne Neighborhood Association have voiced their opposition to the current development plans.

If you'd like to attend, the forum will be held at 7 p.m. in the College of Charleston's Physicians Auditorium located at 66 George Street.

The Post and Courier has an article on the upcoming forum as well as the ongoing debate between Union Pier supports and the opposition; read it here.

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