Not to rain on your parade, but there's a good chance of rain for New Year's Eve

Image by Flickr user numan

The chance of rain is expected to hold steady through today, New Year's Eve, and the early morning hours of the New Year.

The National Weather Service says they expect much of the rain to be offshore by evening but that there's a good chance isolated pockets will remain over Charleston. 

A 40% chance of rain has been leveled on the city for the night; 50% on New Year's Day.

Stay tunned to the forecast, but it probably wouldn't hurt to bring along some sort of precipitation protection -- especially if you think you'll be hailing a cab tonight.

The upside? Clouds means it will stay relatively warm with a low of 48. 

And if you'll be drinking, don't forget to leave the car at home. Doubly so as the cops will be watching the roads.

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