What's better than tickets to Kulture Klash? Yeah, free tickets to the art fest.

Image by Flickr user Ninja M. Image by 20091105-free.jpg

We've got two pairs of tickets to give away. All you need to do is find 'em.

At $20 each, that's a $40 value. And for free is a better savings than even a TV infomercial will give you.

Here's the  deal, we'll drop this little icon  somewhere on a story we'll write later today, and all you need do is click it and shoot us an e-mail at the linked address before the day is out. 

And we'll randomly pick a winner from the e-mails.

Simple enough, no?

Don't know about Charleston's chaotic arts and culture mixer that is Kulture Klash? Get the scoop here or just check out their Web site. Oh, and it's this weekend, November 6-7.