A fuss over yard sale regulation in Summerville (updated)

Image by Flickr user fdmount Image by 20090211-yard.jpg Summerville's leaders have had their fill of professional yard sales.

Update February 13: After the community outcry, the proposed regulation has been tabled. -- Meaning it's done for now, but could be back in the future, likely in a more refined state.

First reporting:

There's a whole lot of hand wringing over how Summerville can pass a new rule to weed out those that abuse yard sales without intimidating the folks wanting to get rid of some of their old junk.

The town is looking to pass a rule that prohibits "having more than one yard sale a quarter, and ban two-day or multifamily garage sales." Taken at that, it raises the ire of many, including myself.

But as Brian Hicks over at The Post and Courier points out, Sumemville's aiming to find a way to stop those folks that have turned their front yard into an informal every-Saturday flea market.

A tough pickle, for sure.

Go check out what's going on at The Post and Courier.

Want to make your opinion heard? Then go to the Planning Commission on Thursday, February 12, at 6 p.m. in Town Hall at 200 S. Main Street.