Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck's 'Bold & Fresh Tour' headed to Charleston and sold out

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Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck's "Bold & Fresh Tour" is headed to North Charleston on Saturday, January 30, at 1 p.m.

It probably won't be too hard for you to guess the topic, but here's its billing (abbreviated for speed, emphasis added):

There's no shortage of people talking about what's going on in the world today, but there are far too few who are actually saying anything of substance. ... Enough is enough-it's time for the truth from somebody who'll give it to you straight, whether you like it or not. ...

Bill O'Reilly is the godfather of "no spin" and in-your-face television. For years he's been the centerpiece of the Fox News lineup with his unmistakable style and unflinching commitment to truth as he sees it. ...

Glenn Beck is the new kid on the block, the fastest rising star in cable news. ...

Don't miss out on the rare opportunity to see these two men live on stage. It's an event that makes professional wrestling seem like a night at the opera. You'll hear from Bill, you'll hear from Glenn, and then... they'll take the stage together. What happens then? Heaven only knows, but one thing is for sure-you'll want to see it with your very own eyes.

After reading that last paragraph, I have my fingers crossed for a cage match.

But, like the headline said, this one's sold out, but the one in Norflolk still has tickets left. If you want to check up and see if any tickets have come available, here's a link to the Ticketmaster page.

And, yes, Beck was in town just a couple weeks ago.