Get presidential: Your Charleston guide to the 2008 election

Image by Flickr user ldcrossImage by 20080816election.jpg Get involved and support your cause.

Update November 3: Check out our election page.

This is what we aim to be the guide to Charleston-area events and news on the 2008 presidential election. It's just a start, and we will fill it up as November 4 approaches.

You can get a list of all upcoming McCain-campaign connected events in the Charleston area, and Obama-campaign connected events in the Charleston area. Here's similar information for the Green Party, Ralph Nader and the Libertarian Party.

And, Wikipedia's got you covered for all your information on candidate bio's, electoral votes, and hanging chads.

Also, follow our presidential election topic page.

Registering to vote

Be sure to register (or update your registration) by the start of October as in South Carolina you must register 30 days before an election to vote in it. Much more information about registering to vote is available from the state.

You can register to vote by mail, at assorted county offices, or at any DMV office.

Have input? Let us know, or leave a comment below. We'll be updating this and linking to other resources on the Web.