Charleston's waves pick up today and increase through Saturday

Image by JammercamImage by 20090821-waves.jpg Waves at the Isle of Palms as seen from The Windjammer.

If you're a Charleston surfer you've probably gone all giddy in the last 36 hours as Hurricane Bill starts pushing over bigger waves.

Now, The Post and Courier says the waves could reach 11 feet on Saturday, but most of the forecasts I've seen top out around 7 feet on late Saturday.

Currently the morning-to-noon period on Saturday is looking the best, but you can get a pretty good overview of what's coming on this page at Surfline.

And you needn't take a total shot in the dark as to if the surf is good, there are a number of local Web cams: 



Just watch out for jellyfish being pushed in with the waves, and be safe as rip currents will be worse with the heightened wave activity. 

Oh, and for the record, Bill is pretty well out of the scope of Charleston's direct concern. Though we could get some mild erosion at the beaches.