Come party with TheDigitel: It's our debutante ball!

Image by 20090125-ball.gif Snag the PDF of the poster and print up your own mementos.

Update January 30: The party went off great. Check out the write-up and video.

First reporting:

So we've been around for some six months, Charleston loves us, and we realized, "Hey! We haven't thrown our grand opening bash yet!"

Well, we're fixing that little problem and throwing our "Digitel Debutante Ball." It's a chance for you to get to meet us and let us know what you love (or hate) about our site, and -- above all else -- party it up, and get free beer and vegan doughnuts.

Oh, and relax, it's not really a ball, we're just being silly creative with the name. Still, if you want to wear that tux, feel free.

So, please, join us on Thursday, January 29, from 6 to 9 p.m. in the empty shell of Global Awakening at 499 King Street, or just follow the light show and the smell of doughnuts.

[gmap markers=blue::32.790034479254686,-79.93920028209686 |zoom=15 |center=32.7904561310921,-79.93945240974426 |width=220px |height=200px |control=Small |type=Map]

And, hey, it's being put together by Ambergre Sloan of Charleston's Most Unique and Kulture Klash, with entertainment by the ever-popular DJ duo The Spaced Invaders, so whatever birthday party or Bar Mitzvah you have planned, cancel it. We promise you'll have a better time at our ball.

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