Charleston's inauguration events, stories, and miscellany

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Update January 20: Check out our roundup and video of the day's events.

First reporting: We're highlighting inauguration events in Charleston and stories connected to Charleston.

Want national coverage?JoostClick to watch the inauguration Live on Joost (or above).

Also check out The New York Times and CNN.First off, be sure to watch our inauguration topic page, where all of our past (and future) stories connected to the inauguration will be listed.

There's a lot of events going on in town, your best bet for joining with the community to celebrate is to go to the city's free viewing of the ceremony in Marion Square (we'll also be recording our weekly podcast onsite). If that doesn't meet your criteria, The Charleston City Paper has a few more for your consideration.

Here's a few more things to watch:
The Post and Courier is maintaining a blog for the 2009 election.
Lowcountry Bloggers will likely post reactions and comments by area bloggers.
Follow our Extra! Twitter account where we'll be bringing you inauguration updates with a Charleston twist.
Here's another link of what locals are blathering about on Twitter.

And, on a side note, I can't help but feel the The Post and Courier's "commemorative" edition is junk. For $2 you'll get weekday paper and a junky trinket and there's no indication that any of the money raised will go to any cause, only The Post and Courier's pockets. -- Better to buy something from the Obama store and get some money to the cause you believe in. This whole junk craze is ludicrous.