Community Emergency Response Team training by Horry County

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Community Emergency Response Team or CERT will be offered to those who'd like to lend a hand during a local emergency situation. 

The CERT training is designed to teach people how to not only take care of others during an emergency but themselves as well. Sponsored by Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, Santee Cooper, the City of Myrtle Beach and Horry County.

The program in October will include training on

  • Disaster Preparedness,
  • Sky Warn Storm Spotter,
  • Fire Safety,
  • Medical Operations,
  • Terrorism,
  • Exercises to test your skills.

The cost of this event will be $10 and this includes breakfast and lunch for both days. Also all participants will receive a safety kit with:

  • safety vest and whistle
  • Five compartment backpack with CERT print
  • 4 in 1 spark proof tool
  • 10" adjustable wrench
  • two pairs of disposable medical gloves
  • one roll of 2" x 60 yards duct tape
  • two dust masks
  • emergency blanket
  • 52 piece first aid kit
  • flashlight with batteries
  • hard hat with reflective CERT vinyl
  • one pair of leather work gloves
  • two light sticks
  • a multifunction tool with belt holster 
  • marking crayon
  • one pair of safety goggles
  • rain gauge 

The dates for this event are October 4 & 5th and it will be held Base Recreational Center. For more information grab the full CERT schedule right here. Hope on over to for some more details. 

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