Charleston County offers green options for this year's Christmas trees (update with more green)

Image by Flickr user crunchytoast

Update December 29, 1 p.m.:

Just spotted this clip at NBC News 2 that has some tips about ways to repurpose that our even more green than mulching; see it over here.

First reporting:

It's almost that time again.  The tinsel's drooping, your dog's snacked on the popcorn garland and New Year's day is looming. 

Yep.  You've got to take down that Christmas tree.

Before you jump to toss it god knows where, take advantage of this year's recyling options offered by the County.  Charleston is urging residents to recycle old trees to generate tons of valuable compost for gardners in the spring.

For more information, drop off and pick up locations, check out the story on ABC News 4, or jump over to the Charleston County Recycling page.

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