Blog spotting: Roaming the Holy City

Image by Roaming the Holy City Finley plays a key role in the blog and is, apparently, haunted by the specter of Marmaduke.

With Saturdays come slower news days, which makes them a great chance to do a bit of digging. Enter my stumbling on the blog "Roaming the Holy City."

The blog is done by "a couple of 20-something young professionals" in Charleston who have "a deep adoration for all things Lowcountry." 

The authors have a good tone and style to their posts, do a good job of showing off interesting places, things, and events in Charleston, and -- to sweeten the deal -- feature numerous pictures of their few-month-old golden retriever, Finley (pictured above.)

So go drop by for a visit.

If you're the Twitter type, know that they're @roamingholycity.

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