College of Charleston: Where preppies come to party

Image by Flickr user Ken_Mayer

The Huffington Post has already noted that Charleston has some of the best-looking people in the country, and now, the publication has tagged the College of Charleston as one of the preppiest schools in the U.S. of A.

And rightfully so. Let's be honest, it isn't everywhere or everyday that you still see people proudly wearing visors, boat shoes, monogrammed whatevers, pearls with t-shirts, shorts with embroidered sea creatures, and pastels. Sometimes all at the same time. You know who you are.

Anywho, this is what The Huffington Post had to say about the Cougars:

Name-checked in the original "Preppy Handbook," this Charleston, South Carolina school contains a lot of pink and green and a lot of monograms. The Spring graduation tradition? Women wear white dresses and descend from the steps of Randolph Hall, the college's oldest building, while the men wear white dinner jackets and wait in the Cistern yard.

Mind you, both men and women walk down the steps these days. So, take that.

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