In photos: Zombies take over Charleston

Image by Matt Drobnik

What do you do when camping out for 99 hours to protest the expansion of corporate influence in America?

Get bored, apparently, and need to blow off some steam.

On Saturday, October 22, some protesters "celebrated" one week of the occupation by hooking up with the "Charleston Zombie Walk" that raised funds for MUSC for Pulmonary Hypertension.  

Local Matt Drobnik was there and took some fun video (see that up top) and has a slew of photos (see a few below and all 55 on his Flickr page).

Also, there's an assortment of videos on YouTube and lots more coverage tidbits on the Facebook page.

Meanwhile Occupy Charleston organizers are looking to keep the non-zombie rally going by meeting up with fellow protesters at the Statehouse in Columbia at 6 p.m.

Stay tuned for Occupy Charleston updates on our topic page and zombie updates on our topic page.


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