Poll determines it wasn't a good year to be a South Carolinian

Image by Flickr user chizoo

South Carolinians sure have made it hard to be proud to be from South Carolina over the past year, huh?

We all felt it ourselves, but now there is to prove it.

The State reports that results from a Winthrop University poll of 837 people in the Palmetto State:

- 60% said the rest of the country had a somewhat negative or very negative opinion of South Carolina in general.

- Nearly 68% of South Carolinians polled said the country's opinion of their state became less favorable over the past year.

Looking back at such antics as spouting a racist comments aimed at the President's wife, shouting "You Lie!" during a nationally televised congress session, a Governor having an international love affair to a man having sexual relations with a horse - it's appears that the opinion of South Carolina couldn't be more tainted.

The State has an article examining the year's events that sparked the poll as well as the outlook for South Carolina's reputation in the future.

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