Give Charleston a 'like' to earn Outside magazine's 'Best Town Ever' title (update: tallying)

A screen grab of the ballot box.

Update June 28: The online voting is done — but the final positions won't be known for months.

Charleston did manage to hold a distant third place behind second place Tucson, Arizona, and first place Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

However, the magazine plans to add their own input and the winners won't be unveiled until September 13.

From the rules: "The winning town will be selected based on two criteria: 1. A ranking of each finalist by number of votes. 2. The creativity of user-submitted content—i.e. great photos capturing the essence of each town, and smart comments describing the why it should be called Outside’s Best Town Ever. The creativity of each town’s user-submitted material will be ranked by a team of Outside editors."

We'll be sure to let you know when the final verdict is out.

First reporting: Outside magazine is currently hosting a Facebook competition to decide which of 10 finalists deserves its "Best Town Ever" title.

The deal is this: You head to their Facebook app here, click "like", click through the spinner to hit Charleston, and then click "Allow" on the pop-up.

It's as easy as eating three slices of pie.

Charleston (1,373 votes) is currently in third behind Tucson, Arizona, (3,134 votes) and leader (and only other town from the Southeast) Chattanooga, Tennessee (4,262 votes).

The contest runs one more week, through June 26 — so to overtake Chattanooga would be quite a challenge. Should we not make it, we'll just have to remember how many other lists Charleston shines in and that we did get Outside's 2010 designation as best East Coast surfing town.

(Note: By entering, you'll have a shot at winning a five-day trip to one of the top towns, but it seems you'll also need to be ready to hit "unsubscribe" on some e-mail inbox bacon. FYI, the winner will be notified by email on July 11.)

Here are the standings as of Sunday morning:

1. Chattanooga, TN 4262 votes2. Tucson, AZ 3134 votes3. Charleston, SC 1373 votes4. Boulder, CO 1167 votes5. Ashland, OR 852 votes6. Burlington, VT 566 votes7. Portland, ME 501 votes8. Madison, WI 476 votes9. Portland, OR 470 votes10. Santa Fe, NM 369 votes