Largely forgotten, the Cape Romain lighthouses dwindle in obscurity

Image by U.S. Coast Guard The 1857 lighthouse on the left, and the 1827 lighthouse.

Up U.S. 17 near McClellanville and a few miles closer to the ocean, a pair of historic lighthouses haven't enjoyed the attention seen by other aging lighthouses, like the one on Morris Island.

Over the years two lighthouses were constructed to aid ships coming and going from the Charleston Harbor, one in 1827 and one in 1857.

However the test of time is wearing them down, particularly the taller tower built in 1857 that was equipped with cast iron stairs.

The Post and Courier's Robert Behre recently caught up with advocates trying to save the towers and has a rundown on the problem and efforts afoot; take a read here.

You can also read oodles more about the two towers over at

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