Careful now, Mr Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Image by Will King Sorry lady on the right, next year be ready for it and perhaps you, too, can be a meme.

He came to Charleston looking for a run, now his image doppelganger has traveled the globe

New Yorker Zeddie Little ran the March 31 Cooper River Bridge Run with apparently little more in mind than a good time, and now the chance photo on the Mount Pleasant side of the road changed all that.

The image of the good Mister with Charleston ties has garnered 2,600 comments on Reddit, 1.2 million views on Flickr, tens-of-thousands of page views here,  and some 2,800 pages indexed in Google.

We've been told Mr. Little hasn't minded the creation of his not-so-Jekyll-side Mr. Photogenic, but we can't help but wonder at what point it crosses the line from a fun Internet aside (and a good pickup line) for Little, to a never ending harassment of phone calls from those trying to interview Mr Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.

Does the interest in Little go beyond trying to see if he really is that photogenic?

So, careful now Mr Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.

I offer you proof in the form of Meme-kus — that's my term for the Internet meme two-line haiku — from the users at

- Runs Marathon And Wins, My Heart
- Goes For a Jog, Whole Town Follows Him
- Gets Arrested, Mugshot Sent To Glamour Magazine
- Gets Yearbook Photo, School Uses As Cover Image
- Tries To Photobomb, Can't

And two from me:

- Goes For A Run, Becomes Internet Sensation
- The Internet has you now, Mr. Little.


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