Don't mess with this Carolina Girl

Photo Courtesy: Jordan McDonald 

It’s funny how we here at TheDigitel come across some stories, “So-and-So is now friends with...” and “You may know....” Like everyone else, I spend time clicking through these people to see if I know them.

And that is how I came across Jordan McDonald. 

Jordan grew up in Murrells Inlet and describes her upbringing a typical one, “We grew up as your typical Murrells Inlet creek rats, always in the inlet, river or at the beach.” Until the past few months, she spent her life along the Grand Strand. Jordan is a Waccamaw Elementary and High School alum. She later attended Coastal Carolina University. Jordan is pretty easy on the eyes and it’s no wonder that her good looks have helped her with a modeling career. However unlike most pretty girls from the Inlet, Jordan decided that a career in kicking ass was right for her. Jordan became a Muay Thai fighter and now fights in Mixed Martial Arts in Las Vegas. Jordan explains “I started training two months before I started working with professional photographers.” She goes on to say,  “I started training in late 2007 but I wasn’t very serious about it then.  It was just something to do and I wasn’t very consistent with my training.  The modeling was likewise.”

But, how does a pretty girl get into Muay Thai and wanting to get punched in the face? 

“Well, I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to get punched in the face, more like I enjoy punching other people in their face but every once in awhile you do have to pay up & take a few to the head!  I’ve always been a tomboy & a little crazy so when Maurice Travis, a 3x World Muay Thai & Super Brawl Champion opened up a gym in Myrtle Beach. A bunch of my guy friends started training with him & came back & told me how much I’d love 

61 it.  They were right!” Jordan goes continues, “I quit surfing competitively & started devoting a lot more of my time to Muay Thai & eventually JiuJitsu.”

In April of 2009, Jordan competed in and lost by decision her first MMA fight.

“It was a really tough fight and I learned a lot about myself including the fact that I really enjoyed MMA & wanted to pursue it more.” After her loss Jordan started taking her training more seriously and it developed into a true passion.

“I got a four page feature in Fighters Only magazine late in 2010.” (The feature wasn't published until recently.) Ever since her feature she has been devoting more time and effort towards her modeling as well. 

To advance both careers, McDonald moved to Las Vegas to train and model, doing promotional modeling and training daily.

“Living in Las Vegas has definitely helped accelerate both careers.” But, modeling for Jordan is a secondary passion compared to her love of Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts.

“My original plan had been to attend law school and I was well on my way on that track. Just two weeks from the first deposit deadline for The University of South Carolina, I was on my way to the bank to make my first deposit and I just started kind of freaking out.  I pulled over, called my 62 [parents] and told them I couldn’t go thru with it.  That was a huge turning point in my life, a split in the path if you will and I’m so glad I decided to try & pursue MMA full time.  I can go to law school anytime but my time frame for making it in MMA is very limited so…I decided to scratch the itch!”

But, what is Jordan’s ultimate goal?

“My ultimate goal is to become a World Champion in MMA. But I see past that goal as well and so I know it will be important for me to not only do well in MMA but to also do well in branding myself so that after I’m done fighting, I can successfully move from fighting into another career.  Ultimately, I want to own my own business and I know the better I do in MMA and modeling, the easier whatever transition I decide to make will be.”

Jordan McDonald at a glance:

Fighting Highlights:

  • Currently ranked 8th in the Amateur MMA World Rankings for the 115lb division63
  • Ranked 3rd, pound for pound, in Ohio’s NAAFS National Female Amateur MMA Fighters in 2010
  • Knockout of the Night in Myrtle Beach, SC on January 23, 2010 for Fitness Edge MMA
  • Fight of the Night in Wilmington, NC on August 25, 2009 for Carolina Fight Promotions/MMA
  • IKF (International Kickboxing Federation) 2008 South East Regional Champion
  • SC State Grappling Champion for 2007, 2008, & 2009 winning both my weight division and the  Absolute woman’s title in 2008 & 2009.

Modeling Highlights:

Coming up Jordan is scheduled to fight on August 26, 2011 for the Tuff-n-Uff 110lb Title.  Tuff-n-Uff is a Las Vegas promotion and is considered to be the top amateur MMA promotion in the country. This is a title fight and will be the main event. After this fight  Jordan plans on moving from the amateur ranks and turn pro. She’s hoping for the pro status by the end of this year. 

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