Number 9: Roller derby turns out to be a smashing success

Nine months ago no one was really sure that Charleston would support the display of female prowess on roller skates known as roller derby.

Yet it has turned out to been a wild success, to the point where I've heard rumblings that a second squad could be in the works.

As credit to their success -- or perhaps contributing to it -- the Lowcountry Highrollers have received coverage in virtually every local media product, including a surprise shout out in the usually more reserved Charleston Magazine.

We're in the off season now (the next game isn't until late January,) but if you're in need of a roller derby fix don't forget that you can see the lovely ladies bare some skin their new calendar, and you can also check out the archives of coverage.

Check back tomorrow for our next installment of Charleston's Top Ten Stories You Probably Forgot About.

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