More upside than down: How Charleston's netted top marks

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In October Charlestononians were a bit stunned when word came the city had been picked as the best in the world by the Conde Nast Traveler survey.

And unsurprisingly many of us wondered how Charleston could top the likes of New York, London, Tokyo, and so on?

The Charleston City Paper's Erica Jackson did a bit of digging and offers some answers. 

In part:

"What Charleston has going for us is that it's all positive, there's nothing negative," [said Frank Fredericks, chairman of the Charleston Area Convention & Visitors Bureau and managing director of Wild Dunes]. "So even when you think of other cities like Paris or Florence or New York, unfortunately they have a lot of negatives that come with them. It might be traffic or expense or things like that. So that's why we weren't really surprised. But equally, you know, we happily accept that we are recognized because we have so many positive attributes."

The piece offers some nice perspective on Charleston: not the best in every category, but averaging at the top — read Jackson's piece here.

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