150 years later: The Civil War from Charleston's perspective

The Ordinance of Secession.

The Post and Courier has kicked off its "Civil War 150 Years" section as we approach the sesquicentennial. Most interestingly of the features will likely be the "Charleston At War" series of articles that as you might expect focus on the war's events and effects in the Lowcountry. 

That series actually started last weekend with an article that set the stage for the series and South Carolina's argument for secession, but I've found today's article to be the first interesting one as it introduced me to some new local history.

This week's is on the actual vote to secede with the Ordinance of Secession and how it played out on December 20, 1860, at 1:15 p.m.; take a read here.

We'll be sure to update back here with links to the interesting ones as we find them, and you can get more local Civil War stories on our topic page.

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