Charleston Volunteers to help one school in Baton Rouge

Chargin' up during a break on the 12 hour drive.

Two Charlestonians are making the trek to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to dedicate their time, energy, and passions to a school in need.

Charleston locals Christina Lor and TheDigitel's own Katie Kozar are taking a different kind of vacation this summer.  They're going down to Lanier Elementary School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to help rebuild the dilapidating school in desperate need of repairs.

Part of NBC's 'School Pride' production, Lanier Elementary was selected, along with only 5 other schools, to receive major structural upgrades and remodeling - at no expense to them, and done by the hard work of volunteers.

Christina and Katie are documenting their trip on, where they will be posting videos, pictures, and blog-esque posts documenting their time in Louisiana.  You can also follow them along on Twitter with the #chsvol hashtag.

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