Opting the Grand Strand out of SC misery ranking

photo by flickr member tasialarosa

The news is pretty dismal for South Carolinians today, as, evidently, we're miserable.

According to a Bloomberg report (video below), a combination of factors, which include but are not limited to air pollution, unemployment, and lack of health insurance, South Carolina is the 4th most miserable state in the US.  Seriously?

While we'll acknowledge that the Grand Strand isn't necessarily the best representative of the state's overall demographic, and thus, perhaps, not quite as miserable as other areas, we, at TheDigitel Myrtle Beach, feel pretty happy living here.

What's not to love?  There's great scenery, abundant nature to enjoy, mild weather, a bazillion restaurants and entertainment opportunities, Southern charm, a rich history, live Oak trees incorporated into the cityscape, beach music (according to co-founder  Andre Pope, "thee best form of music there is"), and four unique styles of bbq (mustard, vinegar, light tomato, and heavy tomato bases).  

You can read a study like that and choose to focus on the negative, but we don't.  The Grand Strand is a great place to live and we're unashamedly vocal about that.

If you're interested in reading a bit more about the study, hop over to this WMBF story. For those with some South Carolina pride, enjoy the Sandlapper song many of TheDigitel Myrtle Beach team members learned while in elementary school.

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