Profoling Lowcountry clamming, and one of the few that do it

Image by Dee Dee Arthur/Charlie

A nice piece over at Charlie about how the clamming industry does exist down 'ere in the Lowcountry, an excerpt:

“How do you like my office?” asks Toby VanBuren as he gazes around at the picturesque creek and marsh where he harvests clams to make his living. He harvests his clams from marsh beds near Breach Inlet that are leased from the state. His methods have evolved over the years to address the challenges that his work presents.

It’s a specialized field, and Van Buren’s one of only three people in Charleston and forty in the entire state who make their living clamming. Luckily, with the demand for locally-grown sustainable food on the rise, men like him are not a dying breed but a healthy sign of the future.

Read the whole piece over here.

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