Water The Future: Charleston Waterkeeper's call to action

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Cyrus Buffum, the Charleston Waterkeeper, has launched a new campaign "Water The Future" dedicated to cleaning and protecting Charleston's waterways.

Read more stories on this subject in our water topic page.Here's a bit about the campaign from the official site:

Our waterways define us: our history, our region, our people, our communities. Each and every one of us has a fundamental right to clean water. Pollution, however, threatens this right and robs us of an essential natural resource. Charleston Waterkeeper was established to see that each of our waterways is defended against pollution and that our right to clean water is protected. Join us in this fight. Get involved.

Everyone has the right to clean water, isn't that something worth fighting for?

Go check out the campaign page.

Update: As full disclosure we should point out that were friends with Buffum and helped him execute the campaign.

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