Downtown distribution center to connect local farmers with local chefs

Image by Flickr user awsheffield

Back in 2010, the Coastal Conservation League purchased a 10,000-square-foot warehouse space in downtown Charleston to facilitate the sales of local farm-fresh produce to local chefs.

The produce distribution center's goal is to help connect small local farmers, who rarely have time to leave their field to make deliveries, with local chefs, stores, and residents looking for farm fresh food. Nonprofit groups Coastal Conservation League and GrowFood Carolina are the brains behind the distribution center.

The Coastal Conservation League kicked off a $350,000 renovation project on Thursday and hope to have the space up and running by October.

Located at 990 Morrison Drive, the warehouse is easily accessible for the peninsula's master chefs and fresh-loving foodies alike.

The Post and Courier has everything you need to know on the developing project; read it here.

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