Get lucky in 2010 with this Hoppin' John recipe

Image by Flickr user nep

Not feeling so great about 2010? Well you better make sure you eat some Hoppin' John; and we've got just the recipe to pass along.

Garden & Gun got in touch with a local chef for one tasty looking concoction, in part:

Arguably, no one knows this dish better than James Beard award-winning chef, Robert Stehling, who regularly features this “meal in a pot” at his restaurant, Hominy Grill in Charleston, South Carolina. While Stehling adds signature twists such as heirloom Sea Island field peas and Benton’s hickory smoked country bacon, just one taste of this dish will remind you once again that fortune begins with a full stomach.

My family has a pretty long-running tradition of just plain old rice and black-eyed peas (I guess the thinking's that everything's up from there, right?) But this looks pretty tasty.

Go take a read of the recipe over here.

And don't forget to eat your greens for money.

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