Love and hate: Profiling seven of Charleston's most debated restaurants

Image by Butcher & Bee One of Butcher & Bee's well rounded creations — a magnet of a good well-crafted burger comment, or drawer of over-priced hype criticism.

When talking about the food scene in Charleston you'll generally get approving remarks (if not better) — but start talking about specific spots and the opinions will become more polarized.

In an apparent attempt to draw yet more attention to some of these controversial spots, the Charleston City Paper has penned the piece, "Charleston's seven most controversial restaurants".

Featured on there? A mix of old Charleston classics and newcomers: The Wreck of the Richard and Charlene, Husk, Halls Chophouse, Triangle Char and Bar, Hyman's, Butchet & Bee, and Jestine's Kitchen. 

Take a read of the rundown over here.

Love them or hate them, they're all worth going to at least once.

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