A review and photos from TheDigitel's dinner at O-Ku

Image by Amanda Click / TheDigitel

The fine folks over at O-Ku invited fellow Digitelien Katie Kozar and myself out for a wonderful dinner on Monday evening. Delicious, fresh and classy are the three words that come to mind when describing both the restaurant and the food itself. From the moment you step into the restaurant, located at 463 King Street, you feel as if you've stepped into a hip California sushi house.


There are various types of seating in the restaurant - communal tables, private tables, sushi bar, or couch seating up front. Each seating style is sure to produce a different dining experience. For lighter, drop in dining I'd head straight for the couch seating up front by the floor to ceiling windows.


We were seated in a private table in back by the sushi bar where three chefs were chopping, slicing and preparing the most succulent and flavorful Japanese masterpieces I've ever laid taste buds on. Our first courses arrived promptly and included the Yellowtail Carpaccio and Sunomono with Wakame Seaweed Salad. 



For our entree, Katie and I decided to split a $50 plate of sashimi and nigiri. We were at the mercy of the chefs, and they did not disappoint. Our beautifully decorated plate came out sporting two types of tuna (Big Eye and Albacore), two types of salmon (Scottish and Tasmanian), whitefish, two types of yellowtail (Kanpachi and Hamachi) as well as a phenomenal pickled fresh wasabi stem.



To our surprise, more goodies kept coming. Just when we believed the fun was almost over, our waitress brought over the Tuna Tataki with Yuzu Truffle salad. The spice combined with the cool, crisp micro greens was a tuna lovers' dream.


Last but not least was the Amaebi - sweet shrimp served with deep fried shells of the shrimp which you eat like crawfish.



We were too full by the end of our meal to even consider dessert, but the service, the atmosphere and the meal are things I will be talking about for weeks to come. I highly recommend O-Ku to the serious sushi lovers out there. This place is the real deal.

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