Number 7: A big year for bacon

Image by Flickr user Sappymoosetree Are these salty angels bound for the afterlife or set for another year with us?

In 2009, Charleston's obsession with the pig grew much much broader as a mini bacon frenzy overtook the national and local scene.

Ted's Butcherblock shares no small amount of responsibility for this fact. Case and point: the bacon cook-off who's winner whipped up some bacon whipped cream.

Securing its position as the baconiest of them all the local (meatery?) also started a "Bacon of the Month Club" and gave an hour presentation on bacon to Charleston's geeks.

And the City Paper reported on the salty, fatty meat's infusion into Charleston's broader scene. Case and point: The Mill's Bloody Bacon Martini.

Why all the fuss about bacon in 2009? Well, it could be a gluttonous distraction (and artery clogging exit) from the down economy, or it could all go back to "The Bacon Explosion." Appearing in late 2008, this meaty concoction interweaves 2 pounds of bacon with two pounds of italian sausage.

Whether or not the bacon love will continue through 2010, only time will tell. 

p.s. Yes, I totally forgot to publish Number 7 on Christmas, so today's a two-fer. Come back around 2 p.m. for Number 6.

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