Recovery Room is S.C.'s best spot to grab a PBR (Update: No. 2 in the USA)

Image by Flickr user Spunkinator Contains 100% hip juice.

Update: Oh, so, close.

Update January 13: A year-and-a-half on and The Recovery Room has only gotten better.

It's moved up from the number one seller of PBR in the state, to the number two spot in all of the U.S. of A.

Go teamwork.

— Update by Ken Hawkins.

First reporting October 2010: Ah, the old faithful, ice-cold Pabst Blue Ribbon beer is apparently loved the most here in Charleston, compared to the rest of South Carolina.

Late-night favorite The Recovery Room on Upper King St. lands the honor of being the number one retailer of PBR in the state. No wonder it's only $1.25 in their happy hour.

The Charleston City Paper has more of the official stats over here.

The Pour House on James Island comes in close second, securing Charleston's PBR bragging rights for the state.

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