Charleston-based comfort food featured in Southern Living magazine

Image by Flickr user protoflux

We all know that Charleston has incredible food--and that fact has been reinforcd in Southern Living's January issue.

The magazine included a Comfort Food Cook-Off featuring ten chefs, including Charleston Grill's own Michelle Weaver. The ten chefs paired off in different comfort-food-themed categories; Weaver's was shrimp and grits.

If you want to give Weaver's delicious shrimp and grits recipe a taste, head over to Charleston Grill (224 King Street) from January 14th through the 22nd to order it off the menu.

But Weaver wasn't the only Charlestonian in the issue--local bakeries Sugar Bakeshop (59 1/2 Cannon Street) and WildFlour Pastry (73 Spring Street) were also given a shout-out in the article "The South's Best Bakeries".

Finally, Charleston is a contender for Southern Living's South's Tastiest Towns contest--so be sure to visit their website to vote (voting continues until January 31st).

For more details, check out The Post and Courier's article.

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