Find out where the best eats are with CCP's 2012 winter Dish Dining Guide

Image by Flickr user AkumAPRIME

Charleston is well-known for its wide range of irresistable food--and sometimes, that can get overwhleming. Where to go? What to order?

With Charleston City Paper's updated Dish Dining Guide, you'll have a new take on the food scene in good old Chucktown.

City Paper editor Stephanie Barna has gathered together the best of the best of the Holy City's restaurants--and has organized them all into a handy-dandy guide that will help you to decide exactly what you want to nosh on for dinner. The guide is broken down into different categories such as Neighborhood Favorites, Casual Fine Dining, and Cheap Eats, and is sure to help you figure out which restaurant fits your food mood.

Check out the guide over here--and don't worry. It's totally free.

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