Green Flash, Fullsteam to start distributing beer to SC

Over the past couple of weeks, North Charleston-based Advintage Distributinghas announced, leaked, or otherwise let on that they have picked up two particularly awesome breweries, and we should start seeing their wares in bars and bottle shops in the coming weeks.

The first announcement was for Green Flash Brewing, an exciting, husband-and-wife owned San Diego outfit that brews in the sweet spot of what some folks call the "West Coast" style.  This mainly means they use scads of bright, bold, and distinct hops.  Two award-winning examples of this are the aptly named West Coast IPA (7.3% ABV, 9399) and Hop Head Red (7% ABV, 9098).  Those two joints come in four packs now, with angular, custom-shaped bottles embossed with the Green Flash logo, but they brew a vast array of styles beyond just the pale.  Hop heads rejoice.

Hop on over to our sister site down in Charleston to read the rest of Timmons Pettigrew's post. 

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