Holly Herrick reminds of downtown's hidden ShiKi Japanese Restaurant

Image by Flickr user ecstaticist

Situated near the Blockbuster on East Bay Street and in the same visual hiding spot as Doe's Pita is ShiKi Japanese Restaurant.

Their location is hidden, but fortunately the flavor of the food is not. 

Holly Herrick dropped by and has a brief review of the spot, saying in part: 

Before long a bento box, always stocked with a small, hot vegetable roll, crisp Asian salad with a curled carrot and fresh ginger dressing, a mound of hot, sticky rice, and a whole orange that's half-peeled arrives. At the center of the plate, it's your choice: beef/chicken/salmon/shrimp teriyaki, chicken katsu, etc., served on a reliably good and well-seasoned bed of sauteed cabbage, peppers and onions.

Check out her review over here.

Personally I have a bad habit of judging a Japanese restaurant on how good their udon noodle soup is. I can't get enough of the fat-noodled soup that's oft-served with tempura shrimp and vegetables. 

And on that scale Shi Ki does pretty well, especially as they have the hot pepper pairing that many places overlook.

They're at 334 East Bay Street in downtown Charleston. (843) 720-8568

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