Little River restaurant Pat & Mike's gone, Mulligan's returns

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Mulligan's makes home made chips!

Pat & Mike's, a Little River Irish Pub, is no more, but a familiar name and owners have taken over its location.

If you've lived in North Myrtle Beach for over a decade chances are you heard of or spent a late, late night (or two) at Mulligan's. The "sports bar before there were sports bars" closed long ago, the owners moved on, but never lost their love for it. After some ownership and management changed at Pat & Mike's Irish Pub, Phil Annie took over and changed the name to Mulligan's, giving not only the business name a redo, but the location one, as well.

Becky Billingsly, Myrtle Beach's Foodie in Chief and owner of Myrtle Beach Restaurant News has the full story of Mulligan's and review of their offerings. So hop on over and give it a read

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