Love Piggly Wiggly? Now you can drink their beer

Image by Flickr user Duane Burdick

Last week, a new type of beer started showing up in area Piggly Wiggly grocery stores: Pig Swig...and yes, the beer is the product of Piggly Wiggly Carolina Co.

There are two varieties of Pig Swig: the Pig Pen Pilsner, which sports a blue plaid label and has a lighter flavor, and the Pig Tail Ale, which is decorated with a red plaid label and is more of an amber lager. A six-pack costs $7.99.

Word is that Pig Swig will also consider releasing seasonal brews and different styles of beer in the future.

Have you have the chance to take a chug of Pig Swig? If so, let us know your thoughts below.

And for more information about the beer, check out Charleston City Paper's report here.

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