Lunch Break: 2 Dogs a Walk'n

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As you might have noticed, this month we've been doing lunch reviews of places that have fantastic hamburgers. This is all thanks to our attention being brought to the fact that it is National Hamburger Month, and the fact that we love hamburgers!

2 Dogs a Walk'n, the newest entry in our Lunch Break feature has great burgers and a lot more. When I first noticed the billboard for 2 Dogs a Walk'n I thought it was a hot dog place, and while they do have hot dogs they offer a wide variety of other American classics. From three different sized burgers to hot dogs to pulled pork and moving onto their offerings of 30 different milkshake flavors, 2 Dogs is a real slice of Americana.

Finding its home in the closed down Hardees in Little River, owner Todd Dawkins opened 2 Dogs a Walk'n last May and it has become a Little River favorite. Dawkins' goal with 2 Dogs a Walk'n was to recreate that small town feel of a great chili dog and hand patty hamburgers that is lost with todays modern fast food landscape. And, we think they hit the nail on the head.

The Food

Fresh is the first thing that popped into my mind as soon as I tasted the burger. An obviously handmade burger that was very juicy, looked and tasted the way I remembered from my childhood. Everything about the burger, from the meat to the lettuce, said fresh to me. Also, I indulged myself with a hot dog with chili, mustard and slaw. A very good dog with equally fresh tasting ingredients. To round out my meal, of course I had some fries! Cooked perfectly and a sprinkling of sea salt they were great.

Items & Pricing

The burgers: Single = $2.70, Double = $3.59 and the Big Dog = $4.59

*the single alone was pretty filling! & the Big Dog is still cheaper than some fast food places double burgers.

All burgers come with a choice of: ketchup, onions, A-1, mustard, pickles, hot sauce, mayo, lettuce, relish, and tomato. Additional items like bacon, slaw, fried egg, chili, and cheese can be added for a small cost ($0.55-$0.20)

The Dogs:  Four types of hot dogs are offered. The regular = $1.49, Footlong = $2.29, 1/4lb Brat (w/ grilled onions and or sauerkraut) = $2.79 and the 1/4lb Sausage Dog (w/ mustard, ketchup & sauerkraut) = $2.79.

And of course, like with the burgers, you can add additional toppings.

The rest:

2 Dogs a Walk'n has a pretty big menu. The Dogs and Burgers might be the features, but there is so much more. Chopped pork BBQ ($3.59/$4.79), char-grilled chicken breast offered in many different styles and flavors ($3.79-$3.89), specialty sandwiches -BLT, fried bologna, grilled cheese, burger wraps, chicken wraps and more ($1.49-$3.89).

But wait....there's more!

2 Dogs is also known for their desserts. From their milkshakes to their sundae bar, 2 Dogs a Walk'n has your sweet tooth covered. I sort of over-indulged with lunch so I didn't have any room left to try one of their milkshakes. Oh, but have no fear I will be back!

Additionally, they are open at 6 a.m. for breakfast and offer a large variety of home-cooked offerings like french toast, country ham, sausage, and BACON!



Monday-Thursday: 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Friday and Saturday: 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.


1689 Highway 17,
Little River, SC 29566


Check them out on Facebook or at their website.

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