Moonshine at Sam's Club, get your hillbilly on!

*Reprinted with permission from Myrtle Beach Scene*

Our local Sam's club is selling Moonshine! Legally mind you, but it's still made from corn.

Myrtle Beach Alternatives ran a piece this past Sunday about Ole Smoky Moonshine and that it is now available at our local Sam's Club. Old Smoky Moonshine is, of course, straight from the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and while it is not the first legal moonshine available in South Carolina as Alternatives stated, (there was another brand on the shelf too) it might just be the best.

We headed down to the Sam's Club and were pleased to find out that one actually doesn't have to be a member to purchase alcohol from their Spirits Store - the hooch is in a separate area of Sam's and one can walk right in sans card and they won't ask for one at check out. Unfortunately the only  flavor of Ole Smoky the Myrtle Beach Sam's Club had yesterday, Monday, September 12, 2011 was the seasonal offerings. Apple Pie.

The bottle is a real mason jar with a little piece of company branded sticker as a tamper seal. Cracking open that jar it is filled to the brim with Apple Pie Moonshine goodness. The 'shine tasted awesome. All you'd need is a glass filled with ice, a rocking chair and a fall breeze and this would be a perfect drink. No need for a mixer.

The sessional offering is only 40 proof, but with the great flavor and the smoothness of it one could knock back five or ten fingers worth and not notice - I call it the Firefly effect!

We hope our Sam's Club gets all the flavors - we'd especially like to watch someone eat a few dozen of their Moonshine Cherries - but we don't condone binge drinking....but binge eating is A-OK! Also, the nice woman who was working at Sam's at the time said that customers can get it cheaper there than one can if they order it directly from Ole Smoky online.

Check out Ole Smoky on Facebook.

And read Myrtle Beach Alternatives write-up right HERE!

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