Oktoberfest Milkshake & more beer (and burger) news

The Weekly Surge's resident beer aficionado, Colin Burch shared his experience with his first sampling of a milkshake made from beer

Now, I'm no beer lover (bourbon, please) but the Samuel Adams Octoberfest Beer Milkshake that is now available at Red Robin sounds amazing. 

via Red Robin

Our blend of creamy soft serve, Samuel Adams Octoberfest draft, vanilla and gooey caramel will make a believer out of you.

and here is Colin Burch's take on the big boy milkshake:

"To my surprise, Samuel Adams Oktoberfest complemented the milkshake’s caramel and sweet cream. I still think the recipe sounds weird, but it tastes like an exotic gourmet milkshake."

361 Besides just the milkshake, Red Robin is also offering a Oktoberfest Bürger, the burger is made with a regular Red Robin burger patty and topped with, "beer mustard, beer mustard sautéed onions, black forest ham and Swiss cheese all on top of a toasted pretzel bun."

This weeks Surge Beerman article goes on to talk about Halloween beers and the taste of pumpkin in a brew, so hop on over and read Burch's full take on the Sam Adam's Octoberfest Milkshake.

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