P&C also likes Bogard's new Italian spot: Trattoria Lucca

The Post and Courier has finally tossed its hat in on Ken Vedrinski's new downtown Italian spot, Trattoria Lucca.

And, yes, they did quite like it with 4.5 stars (out of 5) for food and service, and 3.5 for atmosphere.

You can go check out their whole take on it.

Lucca's is located at 41-A Bogard Street in downtown Charleston -- it's an unusual spot for a higher-profile restaurant but it seems to have found a way to fit in well.

Aside from one scathing letter in the Charleston City Paper, everything I've seen and heard on the place has been good, which means if you're like me and haven't been out there yet, it's time you did go.

I'm particularly interested in their Sunday group sittings.

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