Rita's making waves on Folly (updated)

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Update August 17:

The Post and Courier has done a formal review on the beach eatery, and seems to have been generally impressed with its food and beach-y personality. Hop on over to take a read.

And while the restaurant has garnered only three stars on Yelp, its reviewers seem to generally agree that this is one of the better spots on Folly's main strip.

First reporting:

TheĀ Charleston City Paper hasĀ a rave review of Folly Beach's newest restaurant Rita's.

Rita's is serving up seafood, beer, and most notably and array of burgers that is unlike anything Center Street has seen before. The opening follows closely on the heels of Center Street Kitchen and the newly renovated Holiday Inn, but this place sounds like it is your best bet to grab a bite at the beach.

For an in depth review, head over to the Charleston City Paper.

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