Special summer BBQ and Beer dinner menu at Rivertown Bistro

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Samuel Adams Summer Ale

Summer for most means firing up the backyard grill, throwing on a rack of ribs and slow cooking them for hours on end. While others think summer nights needs to be topped off with the perfect beer. For chef Darren Smith of the Rivertown Bistro, he sees it as a perfect combination of the two. 

The Rivertown Bistro has become one of the premiere restaurants here in Grand Strand. Darren Smith is known for his perfect pairing of Low Country Southern cuisine with fine wines and cocktails. When it was announced that Smith was looking at pairing southern style BBQ with some of the top Summer beers this truly was local news worth sharing.

Below is their menu for their Summer BBQ Dinner:

Main Course:

  • Baby back ribs - slow cooked, 1/2 rack, hoisen bbq glaze
  • Chargrilled chicken breast - smokey mustard 
  • Grilled sausages - mustard peach bbq, peppers, onions
  • Pulled pork bbq sandwich - vinegar based, smokey mustard, brioche roll

Side Dishes:

  • Corn bread salad - pinto beans, bacon, tarragon ranch, veggies
  • Blue cheese bacon potato salad - buttermilk, chives, garden peas
  • Creamy cole slaw - smoked tomato ranch, creole mustard
  • Baked beans - bacon, slow simmered
  • Quick pickles - cucumber, onion, radish

Beer and BBQ Pairings

  • Samuel Adams Summer Ale
  • New South White Ale
  • Sun Garden Riesling
  • Rabbit Ridge Red Zinfandel 

The completely renovated restaurant coupled with the scenic downtown Conway backdrop makes for the perfect backdrop for a great summer evening. Their special BBQ menu is offered in addition to their regular dinner menu. 

Don't forget to check out the Rivertown Bistro group page on FaceBook. 


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