Virgil Kaine partners up with Ben Arnold to distribute Bourbon and Ginger

Image by Flickr user skampy The cocktail that inspired Virgil Kaine's Bourbon and Ginger liquor.

Virgil Kaine Spirits Company has announced partnering up with Ben Arnold in order to distribute Virgil Kaine's Bourbon and Ginger.

If you don't remember hearing about Bourbon and Ginger, get some background info over at this story, which we posted a week or so ago.

Ben Arnold Beverage Company began distributing Virgil Kaine's new spirit on Wednesday, January 18th. Bourbon and Ginger is an original formula that balances some exotic flavors with sweet natural ginger. It's exactly what all you bourbon and ginger ale lovers will die for.

How should you serve the 80-proof liquor? On the rocks, preferably. Or dress it up with a splash of soda water and a wedge of lime. You can check out other serving suggestions and more info about Bourbon and Ginger over at Virgil Kaine's website.

Keep an eye out for events at local establishments celebrating the launch of Bourbon and Ginger; when we hear of them, we'll be sure to keep you posted. 

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